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Make sure you note the correct screen type and model from the sticker on the back. This is important so that you can order the correct LCD Controller that will work for your screen.

Below is what a typical LCD controller looks like. It’s the board with all the connectors as well as a small keyboard to control some screen settings as well as the sound output levels.

The picture below shows you where to plug in all the wires. The one thing not shown is the 3.5 TRRS cable to the speakers that should be plugged into the sound (headphones) socket on the LCD Controller. Eventually, the speakers will be hooked up to the Amplified Speaker plug on the board, but for now we will use the regular non-amplified headphone connection.

Make sure that none of the board is touching the metal back of the screen as it will probably shortcut some connections and fry your board. Eventually you will attach the board permanently, but for now leave it dangling until you have confirmed that everything is working.

Now it is time to Add Holes for Extra Buttons.

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