On this page I have included a list of changes and improvements I have made to my Travel Trailer – a 2018 Coachmen 17BHS Viking RV.

For reference, below is the floor plan of the Viking 17BHS (Clipper 17BHS is the exact same, just a different name).

As with most RV trailers, nothing is perfect until you make it so. In the case of this particular trailer, that includes practical storage solutions. Luckily there are many ideas on the Internet on how to maximize your storage in an RV. I have included some in one of the links below.

The biggest challenge that I have with this model of RV is its very limited cargo weight; a whopping 360 lbs, due to its low GVWR of 3725 lbs. Later models have a higher GVWR and therefore are not as limited in the amount of cargo they can carry. By making some minor modifications I was able to reduce the weight of the trailer, allowing a new cargo limit of 408 lbs. While this doesn’t seem like much, it does make a big difference and allows us to bring just enough with us for camping. It also forces us to think more about what is absolutely necessary, and what we could do without. Less stuff is less things to worry about.

Weight Reduction Modifications:

Other Modifications:

Some other topics:

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