.NET, C#, Windows

In Progress Dialog

The following C# code shows how to make a Progress Bar in a dialog window that can be shown for tasks that run for an […]

.NET, C#

Multi-color Text in ProgressBar

The standard ProgressBar class provided by the .NET Framework does not have a way to write custom text over the progress bar. However, it can […]

.NET, C#

RichTextBox CR/LF Text issues

It seems that sometimes when you get the text from a RichTextBox object, for instance to put it on the Clipboard, that the carriage return/line […]

.NET, C#

targetNamespace issue with XmlSchemaSet

When attempting to validate your XML Document against a schema file in .NET, you might see the following error message: [System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaException] = {“The targetNamespace parameter […]