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Take out the back panel from the arcade to get access to the inside. The guts of the entire system is in that metal box on the back of the screen. Unplug the power, light, and sound connectors. Then take out the 2 screws on either side of the box.

Once the box is off, carefully pull out the cables from the board.

Next, move on to the console, which is held with 4 easy screws. Take out the console and remove the black plastic cover that is underneath. It has several screws all around. You probably won’t be using this cover anymore, but just hold on to it for now.

You should now see all the wires. Some people would just cut all the wires and toss them away, but I suggest to carefully pull out the wires and keep them. I was able to re-use many of them as the replacement wires that came with the new buttons were a bit shorter and couldn’t otherwise reach some of the new buttons.

The buttons themselves should come out easily. After you remove the screws from the joystick, you may need to pry it loose due to it glued down. Be careful because you don’t want to damage the wood board.

I already had put the new buttons in place, to see if they would fit, but you can do this in later steps.

Now it’s time to Connect the Screen.

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