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Up to this point, we used the LCD Controller’s Headphones output to connect the speakers to. While it allows you to hear the sound through the speakers, the sound is weak because it is not amplified. The board does contain a 4-pin Speaker connector which provides amplified sound output. With a proper JST PH 2.0 4-Pin Connector and a 3.5 Female TRRS 4 Pole Audio cable you can connect your Arcade’s Speakers to it and get a much louder, amplified sound.

While I could not find the speaker connector specifications for this model of LCD Controller (M.NT68676.3), I did find them from a slightly different model of controller board: M.NT68676.2A Specifications.

Rather than relying on the wire colours, check the specs of the TRRS connector and follow each pin all the way through to the correct pin on the LCD board. I have seen JST connectors where the colours are not the same or not in the same order as the one that I am using. Possibly the same is true for TRRS connectors. In my case, it seemed that all the wire colours happened to match and line up nicely, with the exception of the green TRRS wire that had to be connected to the yellow JST wire.

Remember that you can set the volume level with the LCD’s Keyboard as indicated here. Even with the LCD Sound Level at 60% and the HDMI Volume on the Pi at 100% I found the sound to be quite loud.

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