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It is time to test your arcade. You can provisionally connect everything. Be extra careful that the LCD Controller is not touching the metal back of the screen. If you hooked up the button LEDs, be careful that any unused connectors on the strand are not touching as it will create shortcuts. Connect everything to the Raspberry Pi, but leave the OnOffShim and the Volume connections for now.

Make sure to plug in both the USB Controller from your buttons as well as a regular USB keyboard.

If all goes well, you should see your Raspberry Pi boot up. Without setting the display_rotate flag in the /boot/config.txt file, the screen output would have been on its side.

Once RetroPie has finished loading, it is going to want to do a Controller Configuration. This is where you can set up your new buttons and joystick so that you can navigate through the system menus and options. The diagram below shows how I programmed the buttons. Leave all the other button mappings that RetroPie asks for blank.

Now that your arcade buttons have been mapped, next step is to grab your USB keyboard, which should already be plugged into your Pi. Then hit the F4 button, which will drop you to the Pi command line. From there, enable your Wifi and make sure SSH is turned on so that you can remotely connect to your Pi. This will make it a lot easier to copy games as well as configure things later.

Once this is done, do a graceful shutdown of your Pi:

sudo shutdown -h now

Should you have to reset your button mappings, you can do the following:

ssh pi@retropie
sudo RetroPie-Setup/

Then follow the next menu options:

  • Configuration / Tools
  • emulationstation – EmulationStation – Frontend use by RetroPie
  • Clear/Reset Emulation Station input configuration

Confirm your choice, then back up the top menu until you see an option to restart the Pi (“Perform reboot”). Once the system has restarted, it will go through the Controller Configuration steps again.

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