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Now you can permanently install the Arcade’s console and screen parts. For most of it, this is just using double sided tape to stick some parts to the inside of the arcade itself and making sure all wires are plugged in correctly, unused wire ends are either cut or taped off so they don’t cause risk of short-cutting power.

Because I added buttons on the front panel, and the front panel itself is a little weak, I added a piece of plywood at the top to provide some extra support. That way the entire panel doesn’t bend or slide around (as much) when you press any of its buttons and it provides a more overall solid feel to it.

Next, I taped the button’s USB Controller to the underside of the console panel.

Then install the button console back on the arcade and make sure everything is connected correctly.

Ideally I wanted to tape the LCD Controller somewhere on a wood surface area inside the arcade, but unfortunately the wires coming from the screen were too short to reach anywhere. Instead, I taped a piece of plywood on the back of the screen, and then taped the LCD Controller on top of it. The tape between the plywood and the LCD Controller didn’t seem to work well, so I used a couple of screws for added support. The screws were from the black plastic cover that was originally underneath the arcade console.

And a final look of everything put in place:

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