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We like to take our dog camping with us. We used to bring her in her cage, which was in the trunk of our SUV and right beside some of our camping gear. Our dog did not have a lot of room to move around in the cage and simply was not happy with the arrangement. Plus we didn’t like the bulkiness and weight of the cage and it took up a lot of room.

I looked for ways to create a section of her own in the trunk, and separate from our cargo. All I could find were bars or other metal contraptions that separate the area along the width of the car, and that is not what I wanted. I needed my divider to go the other direction, so that cargo was on one side of the car, and the dog on the other.

Below is what I came up with.

This is basically a 5mm panel held in place with PVC pipes and some 9.5mm plywood with brackets.

In hindsight, I probably should have used hinges so that the 3 plywood pieces with the brackets can be folded up when I’m not using this divider. I am also considering adding a slide latch on each side of the divider, to lock the PVC pipes in place on the panel. That way the PVC pipes can’t be accidentally lifted out of their place.

It doesn’t look pretty but it does the trick. It was made from leftover materials that I used in other projects. Most importantly, our dog is happy with this arrangement and our cargo doesn’t get in her way.

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