Some time ago, Oracle removed the download links to Oracle 10g Express Edition (XE). If you need to do a new install of the Oracle XE database on your Linux platform, you can download Oracle 11g XE from the Oracle web site. However, Oracle 11g XE is only available for 64 bit architectures. If you are stuck with a 32 bit version of Linux, find out if you can upgrade to a 64 bit version by checking whether or not your workstation architecture (CPU) is 64 bit. If your CPU is 32 bit, then you will have no choice but to install the 32 bit version of Oracle 10g XE.

If you don’t have a copy of the original Oracle 10g XE installer, you will have to find it elsewhere. A deb file can still be found on Oracle’s repository: This will work on Debian and Ubuntu. Another source can be found on the Me and My Ubuntu blog.

A couple of reminders for installing Oracle 10g XE:
– You may need to install the libaio1 package first.
– If your swap is less than 1024MB, you may have to temporarily increase it for the installer to work.
– If you get “ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist” when starting or stopping the DB, check your Oracle environment variables.

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