At the time this is written (4-FEB-2008), the only 3rd party firmware that will work on a Linksys WRT54GS v7 router is the micro edition of DD-WRT. Although the micro edition has been stripped down to fit in the 2MB flash memory of the router, it does come with a lot more features than the factory installed firmware.

The generic micro edition of DD-WRT will give you the same functionality you would get from the original firmware, including a web based interface. On top of it comes with a lot of extras that you won’t get from the original firmware.

The biggest change that comes with DD-WRT is the Linux platform, which is an improvement over the vxWorks platform that comes with this router.

Here are some of the extras that you will get after you upgrade your Linksys firmware with the generic micro edition of DD-WRT:

  • Linux OS (as opposed to vxWorks)
  • telnet access to router
  • change transmission power
  • view memory usage
  • wireless MAC filter (white list or blank list)
  • more QoS options
  • graphical bandwidth monitor
  • detailed LAN/wireless status
  • ability to schedule jobs (cron)
  • Wake-On-LAN (WOL)
  • schedule reboot
  • radio time restrictions
  • Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
  • hotspot gateway mode
  • ability to use EZ-Setup button to turn off radio
  • more wireless advanced settings
  • display wireless clients signal quality
  • many statistics, such as uptime, load average, number of IP connections, etc.
  • many help pages in web interface

Here’s how a telnet session with your DD-WRT router looks like:

$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

DD-WRT v24 micro (c) 2008 NewMedia-NET GmbH
Release: 01/02/08 (SVN revision: 8743)

BRICK login: root

 ____  ___    __        ______ _____         ____  _  _
 | _ \| _ \   \ \      / /  _ \_   _| __   _|___ \| || |
 || | || ||____\ \ /\ / /| |_) || |   \ \ / / __) | || |_
 ||_| ||_||_____\ V  V / |  _ < | |    \ V / / __/|__   _|
 |___/|___/      \_/\_/  |_| \_\|_|     \_/ |_____|  |_|

                       DD-WRT v24


BusyBox v1.4.2 (2008-01-02 11:32:06 CET) Built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

root@BRICK:~# help

Built-in commands:
        . : [ [[ alias bg break cd chdir command continue eval exec exit
        export false fg getopts hash help jobs kill local pwd read readonly
        return set shift source test times trap true type ulimit umask
        unalias unset wait

root@BRICK:~# exit
Connection closed by foreign host.

Here are some of the external Linux commands available to you:

[                 grep              ntpclient         sort
[[                halt              ntpd              sputnik
ash               hb_connect        nvram             startservice
brctl             hb_disconnect     pidof             stats
busybox           hostname          ping              stopservice
cat               hotplug           poweroff          supplicant
check_ps          httpd             pppd              svqos
check_ses_led     ifconfig          pptp              svqos2
chmod             igmprt            process_monitor   switch
cp                inadyn            ps                syslogd
cron              init              radio_timer       tc
date              insmod            radius-client     telnetd
ddns_success      ip                radiusallow       test
dhcp_lease_time   iptables          radiusdisallow    touch
dhcp_release      iptables-restore  rc                udhcpc
dhcpfwd           ipupdated         reboot            udhcpd
dnsmasq           kill              redial            upnp
dumpleases        killall           resetbutton       uptime
echo              klogd             restart_dns       vconfig
egrep             ledtool           restore           watchdog
erase             listen            rm                wc
event             logger            rmmod             wget
fgrep             login             roaming_daemon    wl
filter            logread           route             wland
filtersync        lsmod             sendudp           wlconf
free              misc              setpasswd         wol
get_wanface       mkdir             setuserpasswd     write
getbridge         nas               sh                wrt-radauth
getbridgeprio     nas4not           site_survey
gpio              nas4wds           sleep

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