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You can use the existing Power and Volume buttons of the Arcade to control the power to the Raspberry Pi as well as to adjust the volume to the HDMI. Below schematic is how I did the wiring to the Pi.

I used an old CAT5 network cable and stripped the wires. I only needed 5 of the 8 available wires.

My soldering technique is quite bad, but for the time being, all seems to work. I should point out that I did try a few different wiring configurations before finally landing on this one.

I re-used a couple of the JST connectors from the Arcade and plugged those into the Pi’s GPIO pins.

In order to manage the power state of the Pi, you need to add a line in /boot/config.txt:

# Power Control

Reboot the Pi to make the changes effective. Now, when you move the Arcade power switch to the Off position, it will trigger the Pi to shut down, however it will remain in stand-by mode, which is indicated by the Pi’s power LED that remains on.

I wrote my own program to handle the Volume control, which can be found here. The instructions are on that page. Adjust the program as needed.

If you are having some problems, you may want to make sure you didn’t fry one or more GPIO.

Let’s Install RetroPie.

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