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The first time I took a shower in the RV I thought there was a leak. There was a puddle on the floor, near one of the edges of the tub. After looking into it more closely, I came to the conclusion that there was no leak. Instead, I found that there were two different ways that water was making its way out of the shower and onto my floor.

Firstly, during showering, water would often find get behind the shower curtain, stick to the wall and drip down where it would finally end up going to the floor. This is shown in the green arrows in the above picture. Secondly, each time the shower head’s shut off valve was in the off position, some water would continue dripping from the shower head, straight down to the edge of the tub, and then be on its way to the corner of the tub and down to the floor. See pink arrows in the picture.

The solution to this was to put a line of bathroom caulking on the wall as well as the bathtub corner as shown in the above and below picture. The water will simply follow it and find its way back into the tub. It doesn’t look pretty, but it does the job.

While maybe a bit difficult to see, the image below shows how the water is stopped by the caulking and doesn’t end up on the floor instead.

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