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This is currently a future project as I am saving up for a new battery.

Currently I have 2 Interstate 6V Deep Cycle Batteries rated at 225Ah. They are good batteries but they are also very heavy, for a combined weight of 124lbs. I would rather use all that weight on something else instead.

Looking at alternative options, Lithium batteries are becoming more common and cheaper in the RV world. Yes, they still cost more upfront, but they will also last longer and most of all, they are a fraction of the weight.

A Canadian company called Lynac, makes 12V Lithium batteries rated at 100Ah and higher. Considering that you can discharge Lithium batteries to 20% – as opposed to Lead Acid to only 50% – only about roughly half the hourly amperage would be needed. For instance if your Lead Acid batteries are rated at 200Ah, you could get around with 100Ah Lithium power. Lynac’s 12V 100Ah batteries weigh around 27.5lbs – that is 96.5lbs in total weight savings compared to the 2 6V Lead Acid batteries. When you have a very limited cargo allowance, those are huge savings.

In most cases, you cannot simply just swap out Lead Acid batteries with Lithium. Yes, it sort of works, but you will be reducing the life span of your Lithium batteries a lot. This is because they need to be charged differently. The converter in my RV only supports 3 Stage Lead Acid charge cycles and it won’t be suitable to properly charge Lithium batteries.

If I were to install a Lithium battery, without any hacks or changes, I would have to pull out the green fuse from my WFCO 8735 Power Center when I plug into shore power, or while driving to prevent trickle charges from the towing vehicle. The green fuse in my particular case will disconnect the converter from the battery and it will also prevent the battery from providing any power back to the power center.

Ideally, the converter needs to be swapped out with a model that can properly charge Lithium batteries, however this specific model of Power Center has the converter built-in and there are currently no other compatible converters for this model. So the solution would either be to entirely swap the entire unit, for instance with a Progressive Dynamics brand, or somehow disconnect the converter from this unit and connect a different one to it, such as IOTA DLS-30 or DLS-30-X with the IQ-LIFEPO attachment.

But I don’t really want to do all that. There are 2 other and cheaper options:

  1. Install a diode to prevent power going from the converter to the battery, but allow it the other way.
  2. Install a switch so that I don’t need to pull the green fuse each time I am on shore power, or while driving to prevent trickle charges from the towing vehicle.

Either way, with any of these options I effectively stop using the WFCO converter for charging the Lithium battery. Instead I need to use a NOCO Genius charger, which I already have for my Lead Acid batteries, or use Lynac’s charger. Either one of these chargers can be used in any of the 110V outlets in the RV and once on shore power.

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