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The blinds that came with the trailer suck. They are ugly and don’t do a good job blocking the light. We need it to be very dark to get a good night of sleep.

Initially, I replaced the blinds by cheap paper ones from Ikea. While they did a better job at blocking the light, there was still quite a bit light coming in around the edges and through the little holes that the pull strings runs through.

Instead, we ended up ditching the blinds altogether and made our own blackout curtains. From Walmart we bought a couple large blackout curtains and then cut and sew them into smaller pieces to match with our RV windows. To hang them, we used these skinny rods, also from Walmart.

The curtains did a much better job blocking the light and there was barely any light leaking in through the sides. Other than the time spent cutting and sewing the curtains, it was quite cheap to get the job done.

For the door windows, the cheap paper blinds from Ikea worked well so we left those in place.

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